Top 5 Online Epic 3D MMORPG Games For Android/iOS Smartphone


There are many games available on the internet and smartphone stores, of which this is Top 5 Epic 3D MMORPG games that you will love most. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

(1.) Emperor Of Chaos :-

This is an online game. This game has been placed on the first position. You play this game as a defender of your own state. It has made a beautiful city. In this you can train powerful heroes and you can also Reflect enemy attacks. select your side in a conflict between states of the ancient world in this game and apply fighting skills and powerful spells. upgrade your heroes and power them up also. In it you can also play games by making a team with your friends. in this you can bring your kingdom to victory and become a great emperor. There is also a 3D-experience ancient Vast Map available which makes the game quite irresponsive.

Features : 3D-Experience, Fight Against Other Players, Ancient world, Bright Graphics And Effects, 4 Classes Of Characters, Different Exciting Experience, 6 Different States.

(2.) War Of Horde :-

This is a free and online game. It has been placed on the second position. This is real-time action 3D MMORPG game for smartphones. In it there is a lot of enterprise in the mystic open world, where there is never endless adventure. Meeting with great heroes and teaming with friends can be played. In this game you have to kill the powerful villains and wage in eternal battle for honor and glory also. This is a very popular game with the view of 3D interface.

Features : Mystic Open World, Grouped Dungeons, Legendary City, Gear Crafting, Shiny Costumes.

(3.) Blades And Rings :-

This is a very popular 3D MMORPG online game. It has been placed on the third position. In it you will have to get magic rings and legendary munitions or fight against monsters in the dungeons and fantasy locations of the medieval world. join power of magic rings which you will find in the most faraway corners of the world. In it you have to save the world of this game from all kinds of destruction. Pets will help you in your journey. You can also play this game by teaming with your friends. You can also Sell and buy various items of munitions.

Features : Powerful Artifacts, World Map, Offline Auto-Combat, Customizable Looks, Different Classes Of Characters, Free Trade.

(4.) Lineage 2 Revolution :-

It has been placed on the fourth position. This is a great game because it is a high quality graphics game. Play as three distinct classes: Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and choose one of four gender-locked races to take to the battlefield or players are able to select any race/class combination they wish. join up with other players to take on group dungeons and massive siege wars. You can also play this game by connecting with your friends online. This is a great multiplayer game.

Features : Detailed 3D Graphics, Three Playable Classes, Four Distinct Races, Lineage Franchise, Multiplayer Content.

(5.) MU Origin :-

This game has been placed on Fifth position. This game has been kept in full 3D EPIC MMORPG Experience which makes the game great enough. Meet the friends in this game, make a party and gear up to fight against the evil on a vast open world to bring back tranquility. In this game you experience exciting real time and it lets you walk on an epic fantasy journey. You can meet with warriors from all servers and roam around the map. In this game you can also Receive rewards based on your tower levels. It gives you great spectacular features that makes the game a lot of fun.

Features : Different Classes, Powerful Gears And Enhance Wings, Dazzling Display, Endless Levels And Contents, Powerful Players And Conquer Enemies.

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