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In today’s time, complexity related to technology has increased a lot, then know about solutions to specific problems of technology.

(1.) Stop power drain :- Most devices spend a little amount of power in standby mode too. It is called Vampire Power. This small amount of power can increase your monthly bill significantly. To get rid of this expenditure, always keep in mind that instead of leaving any device on standby mode, you should stop the main supply. If you want, you can buy a Power Consumption Monitor from Its price is approximately one thousand rupees. It shows energy consumed from any connected device. This monitor contains a numeric display, which also shows the voltage readings of the connected devices. Belkin also offers a conservative socket to save power. In it you can set the time.

(2.) Cable Management :- As the technology grows, the cable mesh starts scattering. To get rid of this problem, you can take basic cable cover organizer. It is a flexible pipe, so that all the wires can be hidden by covering. You can also bind all the cables with zip ties. If you want to paint the house then you can fit cables in the walls too. To get rid of the wires, you can convert the wired device into wireless. For this, latentech’s wireless HDMI kits can be taken.

(3.) Routers Placement Rules :- Wi-Fi signals run out of the router in a circle. So if you want more Wi-Fi coverage then the router should be kept in the center of the house so that signals can be all around. Wi-Fi signals always travel from top to bottom. Therefore, for greater coverage, the router should be set to a height. WiFi signals damage of two things is thick walls and other devices such as cordless phones, microwave ovens or wireless headphone interference. If there is a thick wall between router and devices, then less signal will be found.

(4.) Charge Multiple Device :- Whatever is charged by USB, there is always a 5 volt voltage. The ampere determines how fast your device will be charging. For example, the iPad charger charges 5 volts and 2.1 amps. If you are using a charger that gives only 1 ampere then the iPad will be charging, but it will take twice as long as it is full charge. Multiple portable devices support USB charging. In this case, you can take portronics 6 port USB charger from the market. Each port supplies 5 volt power at an ampere.

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