How To Switch Your Yahoo Mail To Gmail Account


This article will tell you how you can easily add your Yahoo Mail to Gmail. This is very useful for users who use two email accounts in their business or any other work. Like Yahoo, Gmail account. With this help you can easily use all the email messages, contacts on Yahoo, on the same platform Gmail.

Yahoo Mail Connectivity on Gmail Account : –

If you have an email account on your Yahoo Mail and you use Gmail as well as Google Mail, you can easily transfer your Yahoo Mail account to Gmail. After this transfer, all the old messages and contacts of your Yahoo Mail will go to Gmail and you will receive Gmail’s new message directly on Gmail Account. That means you will not need to handle two accounts separately.

You need to change some settings of the Gmail account to connect your Yahoo account to Gmail. It’s a simple one. Follow the steps below for this –

1. First of all open your Gmail and by clicking the gear box on the right, select the setting.

2. Select accounts and import from above options given here.

3. In this option you will get the option of import mail and contacts. Click on it.

4. In the window that opens, fill in the email address that you want to add to Gmail.

5. Here you will have to log in your second email account and follow the instructions.

6. By going to the settings of Yahoo Mail, you can also control which content to send to Gmail. Such as inbox, contacts etc.

This is a great way because you do not even need to open two emails, and you can easily get your emails quite easily in one place. You do not even need to open two accounts in this. It dominates the emails of both the accounts in one place.

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