Special Remote Connection And Safe Mobile Banking Solution


Create Remote Connection : There are many software available to create remote connections.

(1.) Join Dot Me :- In this, you can control the other computer with the help of a web browser. With the help of this access code, you can connect with anyone at ‘Join Dot Me’. You can download it from http://join.me. This is useful for remote access.

(2.) Log Me In :- Its free version uses 256 bit encryption for remote connections, but with that you can not transfer files. With this help you can find files and view them. You can download it by visiting the http://secure.logmein.com website.

(3.) Mikogo :- It provides many more features with remote control. This allows you to get the facility of recording sessions, multi-monitor support and pause session. It is easy to use. You can download it by visiting www.mikogo.com website.

(4.) Team Viewer :- It works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It allows remote control, collaboration and file sharing between the two connected computers. You can download it by going to www.teamviewer.com website.

(5.) Cross Loop :- It allows remote reboots with free version. You can transfer unlimited files between connected computers. You can easily download it by going to its website www.crossloop.com.

Secure Mobile Banking : Know the special measures of safe banking on mobile phones.

(1.) Use Of Social Media :- Use Secure Website Their URL starts with HTTPS and there is a lock icon in the browser window. Many times, on social media, a person shares his essential information. There are many types of links here, which can steal your phone address book as soon as you click. Sometimes a missed call comes from unknown number. There are many such apps that know the caller ID of the phone number. Can check their security certificates.

(2.) Develop Safe Habits :- Do not be afraid to use mobile phones for banking. Do not leave the account number and debit or credit card PIN in the handset. If you use banking app, do not store the user name and password in the phone for automatic login.

(3.) Use Official App :- It is a good idea to use the official app for mobile banking. They exist on official app stores. Information is encrypted to make the transaction secure in these apps. You should also avoid apps with more ads.

(4.) Avoid Dangerous Links :- If anybody invites you to click on the website of the bank, be careful. This can be a bad site that looks like a real bank. Do not click on a link from a text message or email.

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