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The world of technology keeps changing. New product launches in it. Some products can be an important part of your life in the coming times. With the help of some special gadgets in the market, you can make your life a lot of fun. Know about some gadgets –

(1.) Lenovo Miix 720: Surface Book Pro Competition :- If you are searching for ‘Top End Two In One’ then your search may end here. Lenovo Miix 720 is the best tablet. There is a touchscreen. The box has a Detachable Keyboard. Lenovo also has active pen 2 in it. This is Triple A battery powered. It has Active Stylus with 4096 levels of Pressure Sensitivity. Its 12-inch IPS LCD has 2:3 aspect ratios. It has 2880×1920 pixel resolution and 400 nits brightness. It has a kickstart in its back. This 7th generation Core i7 processors, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD like features. It is a dual full-size USB ports, a USB Type C and a micro SD slot.

(2.) TytoCare Diagnostic Monitors :- If you have parents then you will definitely be familiar with the thermometer. It measures the temperature using the ear canal (middle ear). TytoCare’s ‘Tayto Home Diagnostic Tool’ helps you by going a step forward. It measures the function of the heart, lungs, ears, throat and stomach. Its main unit is powered by rechargeable batteries. There are also some attachments in the box – a Tongs depressor for the throat, stethoscope for lungs, thermometer for ears, autoscope and high resolution camera. Its companion app guides the right examinations and stores the information for the diagnosis by the doctor for later use.

(3.) Advanced VR Headsets :- You can take a basic Google Keyboard Compatible VR headset at a lower price. It’s useful if virtual steps have been taken in the world right now. Advanced users have waited for the next big thing in VR. A big problem with VR is screen resolution. Phone screens are used for VR. These Perfect Experiences can not be given. A company is displaying ‘Pimax 8K VR’ headset. It offers 3840×2160 pixels for every eye per screen. It is about 6 times higher than Premier Headsets such as Htc Vive or Oculus Rift. There is more field of view in it. The full field of view of the human eye is 220 degrees. It offers a field of view of 200 degrees.

(4.) Aivia Smart Speaker By Sproutbox :- It has a 10,000 mAh battery and has built in Google Assistant. There is also a wireless charging plate in it. Keep the compatible phone on it and it will start charging. Whatever you think, you can do it with its help. You can stream any kind of audio / video content on it. This can be done with the help of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Oaks. You can play games on it.

(5.) LG’s Levitating Speaker :- Magnets are used in the Levitating speaker. From this, the part of the speaker hangs over a metallic base. The LG company uses electromagnetism. Sub-woofer is in base or levitation station and the floating speaker (design inspired by turbine blade) handles mid and high frequency. This is the IPX 7 rated for the entire Unit Water and Dust Resistant. The special thing is that when the battery is low, the speaker slowly returns to the base.

(6.) Olly-A Tabletop Robot :- So far, we have seen robots who are skilled in doing daily tasks. Now you can see a personalized and always-learning ‘Tabletop Booth’ that communicates with the help of Natural Language. Products like Google Home and Amazon Alexa are present in the market, London-based Emotech’s Olly can communicate with each member of the house in a variety of ways. Its personality develops with use. Therefore developers claim that it will talk to every person differently.

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