Smartphone Sensors Are Big Work


Smartphone works great in a way that automatically works with the help of its sensor. Know about the use of these sensors –

(1.) Accelerometer :- This small equipment is built in the circuits of the phone. This sensor rotates the phone’s screen. It looks like your phone is vertical or horizontal. According to this, it rotates the screen. If you go to the settings of the phone, you will see an auto rotate option. By starting this option you can easily watch videos, play games and shoot photos.

(2.) Ambient Light Sensor :- This sensor helps reduce your smartphone’s brightness and more. It can control the brightness on its own. This makes brightness more in the daytime and reduces the brightness at night. In this way you can see the display well. This sensor improves overall user experience and saves power. If the phone’s brightness is high, your phone’s battery is affected. In this case, this sensor becomes very useful for you.

(3.) Magnetometer :- It is a magnetic sensor. This is a useful sensor. With this you can see any direction in your smartphone, even if the phone is kept in any way. With this help you can easily see the location in the phone. This sensor is used for the compass in the smartphone. It measures the Earth’s magnetic field. With this help you never wander the path.

(4.) Gyroscope :- This sensor tells your smartphone that you have caught your smartphone on the angle. This sensor is designed specifically for viewing 360-degree videos. This sensor helps you if you want to create a 360-degree video from your smartphone. With this help, many cool shortcuts like “Twist to Open the Camera” are added to your phone.

(5.) Proximity Sensor :- Have you ever noticed that the display automatically turns off when the handset is brought to the ear during the call. This is all due to Proximity Sensor. This sensor is located near the mobile phone’s front camera. With this sensor your phone knows that the call is running or finished. That’s why the phone’s software displays on or off. This sensor is very important, because it saves your smartphone’s battery. Your phone’s display works effectively with Proximity Sensor. In the absence of this sensor a problem may arise in the smartphone.

(6.) Barometer :- There’s a built in barometer in ‘High end mobiles’. This sensor can measure the pressure of the environment. The data measured by it works in deciding the altitude which improves GPS Accuracy. The thermometer sensor detects the temperature of the device and the battery. Apart from this, humidity sensors, pedometers, heart rate monitors and fingerprint sensors (useful for unlocking the device) are useful.

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