Smartphone Camera Big Work


The camera of the smartphone can work in many. Know how –

(1.) The Stars Can Also Be Seen :- Smartphones can become even more fun with augmented reality apps. Install the SkyView app and move the camera to the sky towards the smartphone. This can identify stars and see them without a telescope. You can also try Wikitude, Blippar.

(2.) Mark Places :- There are many such apps that pin points to the places around them. Information about the places in which the camera will be visible. The Yelp and Layar app is quite useful for this.

(3.) Security Camera :- Can convert old smartphones into security cameras. For this, download the Security Camera app. Add older phones to Wi-Fi and keep them in a safe place. On another smartphone or computer you will be able to view or record the live feed seen from the camera of that phone.

(4.) Translate :- People have trouble understanding foreign languages. Download Google Translator App for this. Open the app and tap on the camera icon on the front page. When the camera opens, do it toward the text, which is to be translated. The translation will be done. If you want, its fun feature ‘Tap To Translation’ can be used. To enable this, go to Settings and click ‘Tap to translate’ and enable it. Whenever you copy the word of a language to a device, it will show the round icon of the translate in the right side. Which you can click on and read it in any language.

(5.) Visual Search :- You can search for images from apps like Google Goggles. If he has taken a picture of the product then he will search and tell him what he is a picture of. Also there will be a text in that picture, it will also highlight.

(6.) Scanning Documents :- You can use your smartphone camera as a scanner. You can also change the text in the documents, in the text that can be edited. Google Drive’s Android app also has scanning functionality and you will not need to download any app separately. IOS users can also use Evernote’s Scannable. Apart from these, CamScanner and Scanbot can also be used. There are many such features in CamScanner that make document scanning easier. This app presents good quality by scanning. You can also export the document.

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