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Smart Time 100 :-

You will love the features of Smart Time 100. Zebronics India has introduced Smart-Watch Smart Time 100. It has 64 MB of RAM and 32 MB of internal memory. With micro SD card, you can extend the memory up to 32 GB. The battery’s standby time is up to 150 hours. It gives 3 hours of time to talk to Bluetooth. Smart time 100 has a capacitive touch screen display of 3.9 centimeters. There is also a SIM slot, in which a micro-SIM can be inserted to use Smartwatch as a standalone device. It makes communication easy and convenient. It can easily attract the health lovers.

(1.) There Is Quite A Fun Experience :- In it, using the inbuilt audio and video player with touch screen display, watching videos and listening to music is a great experience. It promises to take your experience to new heights by using ‘Smart Time 100’ features like Inbuilt Mic, Anti-Luston, Magic Voice, Call Recording, Browser, Remote Capture, MMS, FM. It has an inbuilt camera, which can be used to take pictures or make videos. This is a great gadget for those who prefer smart devices.

(2.) SIM Card Does Support :- Smart Time 100 comes with ZEB-BH502, which is a Bluetooth headset to handle calls. Smartphones can be connected to this by using Bluetooth for calls. It can also be used without any smartphone as it supports SIM card. It has an inbuilt speaker and a mic that can be heard and heard from just one touch. There is enough voice in the inbuilt speaker so that the voice call can be answered. There is no need to raise your hands and get rid of your ears. The Bluetooth headset makes it convenient, which can be used to call and answer.

(3.) Help To Get Health Attention :- This watch looks great on the wrist. Staying healthy in today’s busy times is a challenge for every one and it is necessary to take care of the goals of health, which measures the progress made in this regard. If you have been sitting in a location for a long time, the sedentary reminder functionality in Smart Time 100 encourages you to walk or only to travel. The ‘sleep tracking functionality’ updates in the clock about the dullness of sleep. Inbuilt pedometer provides information about the walking distance of the person wearing it and the calories spent.

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