Older Smartphones Can Make Many Work


Most people change their smartphone every year and their old smartphone is lying in some corner of the house. If you want, your old Android device can prove useful to you. Do not forget to understand the old smartphone as useless. If you want, you can use it for many important tasks. You can donate your phone’s power and can help in many scientific projects running around the world. You can make it a time lapse camera. You can also use it as a great media player. It can also be used as desktop control, children’s safe toy and wireless security cameras.

(1.) Time lapse Camera :- Time Lapse Technique can be used to show the long event in minutes. With the help of Time Laps, you can compress big video footage in small sequences. You can show the Passing Time faster by this technique. At the end of the example, you can show one hour sunset scene in few seconds. To use this technology, you need to install the ‘Lapse It’ app on your smartphone and mount the phone on the tripod. After this you can start recording video. Keep in mind that the phone should be connected to Power Source and there should not be a change in its position during the recording period.

(2.) Donate Phone Power :- If you think your smartphone is not of any use, you can contribute to the processing power of your phone’s ‘Research Projects’. It can be done with the help of distributed computing. In this, large processing is divided into smaller packets using ‘Multiple Devices’. Since you do not use your old phone, you can leave it plugged in and connect to Wi-Fi. You must install the ‘Boinc’ or ‘HTC Power’ app. This app will use your phone’s hardware for calculations related to various projects like space science, prevention of diseases and other scientific works.

(3.) Audio Player :- Nowadays, most smartphones have RAM of 1 GB or more. The processor also has quad core. This specification is eligible for HD video playback. You can translate your smartphone into a media player using Google Chromecast like the wireless streaming dongles. With the help of Chromecast, you can stream content from your smartphone. For example, you can display YouTube videos and your photos on your TV. You can display the phone’s display on TV and enjoy the installed apps and games on the big screen.

(4.) Desktop Control :- You can control the PC from your old Android phone. There are many apps that allow you to control your computer from your Android device. You can use the ‘Roccat’s Power Grid’ app for this. It’s free and setup is also easy. First of all, decide that both the computer and the phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can download and install ‘Power Grid Host Software’ from the Roccat website. The app will show on-screen instructions for setup. After this, the phone can be used as a wireless controller for the desktop computer. You can see the notifications on the phone and get detailed status of the PC.

(5.) Make Children’s Safe Toy :- Most children use their parents’ smartphone to play games or watch videos. If you want you can use your old smartphone as a safe toy for your child. You can make children’s educational tool by installing ‘Zoodles’ or ‘Kid’s Shell’ app in the old phone. Various apps designed specifically for children, such as ‘YouTube Kids’ or ‘Nexgtv Kids’ are also available on app stores. With Apps you can decide what kind of content your child will access. Apps also allow you to password protect your phone’s other functions.

(6.) Wireless Security Camera :- You can turn your smartphone into a wireless security camera. For this you have to install the ‘IP Webcam’ app on your phone. This app uses your phone’s camera and streams live video. You can watch it on any web browser and video player supporting streaming. Keep in mind that you have to keep your phone connected to the charger so that power does not end. Connect it to a Wi-Fi network for video streaming. If you are not at home, you can track your ‘kids’ and ‘pets’ with the help of this.

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