Making Easy Mobile Apps


It’s easy to create your own app now. With the help of drag and drop interfaces, professionally designed templates and a variety of advice, you can create an app and run it on the platform of your choice.

(1.) AppMakr :- App basics is available in AppMakr 1 dollar per month (this plan gets 12 dollars for 12 months). If you choose a monthly bill, you will have to pay 2 dollars per month. At this price you get a native Android app in AppMakr Market. It is not listed on Google Play Store. There are unlimited users, unlimited updates, restrictions on advertising, and live statics (for usage and tracking users), email support.

(2.) GameSalad :- GameSalad helps you to create mobile games for ISO, Android and HTML5. For this, first you have to download GameSalad Creator software on your computer. It offers you a library of actions, graphics and sound effects, so that you can create a game using drag and drop. Its free account allows advertisements to publish games on iOS Store. There should be an Apple Developer account for this. To publish games on other platforms, take GameSalad’s Pro Account.

(3.) Mobincube :- Mobincube offers a web based drag and drop interface for app creation. Here you prepare many types of apps such as catalogs, e-commerce, guides, portfolio etc. You can include RSS feeds, forms, maps, text and images such as Static and dynamic content in your app. You can use multiple templates at the starting point. Its initial version is free and lets you create unlimited apps. Once you become skilled in making the app, you can start this work by professionally.

(4.) AppyPie :- With its help, you get features such as app updates, push notifications, location tracking, social media, app analytics, blog integration and photo gallery integration. The interface shows a preview of the changes. With this you can find out what the app will look like. It also helps you create mobile games. For this, you have to select the game type. After this the input of the icons/name should be given. Finally, it can be published for Android and iOS. Free account offers limited features and shows Ad.

(5.) BuildFire :- BuildFire offers you video training, detailed documentation and ‘chat with support person’. Here you get a previewer app for smartphones. With this, you can easily find out what kind of app your mobile phone will look like. When you select a template you get access to the app editor. This allows you to configure appearence, push notifications, content, social media integration, etc. With this, you can publish HTML 5 web version for free.

(6.) Yapp :- The app made on this platform will be seen inside the Yapp app. You can take it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This will not require you to pay Google and Apple the developer fees, because Yapp is hosting your app. That’s why the developer will pay the fee. Apart from this, one advantage of this platform is that the app you create will be downloadable only after a few seconds of publishing. Its core version is free. With the help of this platform you can easily share important tasks with others. If you are planning wedding, then with this help you can share events with all the guests.

(7.) BuzzTouch :- BuzzTouch is a web based tool that helps you create Android and iOS apps. It is also a community. This allows you to create native applications. Here you can easily learn how to make great apps. If you have any kind of problems, you can get help from community. BuzzTouch lets you connect with other members of the community. You can find out which corner of the world they are connecting. The guest version of BuzzTouch is free and allows for three hosted apps. You can access their plugins and online webinars. BuzzTouch offers the free iOS app BtGo. You can prepare small gadgets from this. For example, a time clock (an email receives an incoming and outgoing person.) And check-in map (when someone check-in anywhere) are useful tools.

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