How To Increase Digital Security With The Help Of Encryption


Now every person keeps his own documents online. If you do not keep your digital content in today’s time, then you can be in trouble. In this case, you should seek the help of encryption to protect your digital content. Know how you can strengthen your digital security.

Digital Security :-

(1.) Simple Encryption : If you want to send your file to someone else, there are several ways to encrypt the file. The first is to use such file transfer website, which has an encryption feature. You can use for this. Both the users sending and receiving it have to create a free account. You can use an email service offering file encryption. You can take work from, and This is a great way for digital security.

(2.) Better Cloud Encryption : The Boxcryptor that supports almost every cloud storage provider works well. Its free version provides a cloud to choose a cloud service provider. You can use it on two devices. The paid personal edition of these can ban both restrictions at $ 48 a year. You can visit this website ( for more information.

(3.) Prepare Encrypted Folder On Computer : Windows user compression software such as 7 zip ( can be used. It offers 256-bit encryption. Mac users can create encrypted, compressed images of files or folders with the help of built-in disk utility tools. For this you need to launch the disk utility and click on the file and go to the new image, image from folder and select the folder to choose 128 bit or 256 bit encryption. This makes your content completely neutralized. Its easy to use.

(4.) Encrypted Storage : The free sync engine Odrive collects all cloud service providers. It keeps all the storage together. You can sign it with a password. Everything is encrypted with your secret passphrase. Only you can access your files in the entire world. You can visit the website ( for more information.

(5.) Destroyers Notes : If you want to share secret data such as ATM PIN, Net Banking Passwords, Email Password, you can use PrivNote. This does not record any data. As soon as the content gets read, if you get a notification, it automatically gets deleted. With this help, you can encrypt the data with password or receive notifications on email as soon as the notes are deleted.

(6.) Secure Email : If you want to send an email safely, then you can use end to end encryption. SendSafely can be used for this. With the help of this extension it integrates with Outlook Mail or Gmail. The person receiving the email does not need to install anything separately. Its free version gives 50 MB per month. This is enough for basic documents. For larger files you can take a monthly plan of $ 100 or $ 20.

(7.) Encrypted Gmail : If you are a Gmail user then you probably will also be using Chrome. Free Chrome Extensions With CryptUp, you can use end to end encryption for your Gmail inbox. It takes PGP encryption in handy. It is quite safe because no breaks have been done for the PGP. As soon as you add the extension, it adds the Secure Compose button alongside the regular compose button in Gmail. It encrypts the attachment as well. This is a very useful extension.

(8.) Encrypt File On Smartphones : With iOS 8, go to the iPhone and iPad user settings and go to Touch ID and Passcards. After that, you can see the Last Light ‘Data Protection Is Enabled’. If there is a problem then you have to set a password and the encryption will be enabled on your device automatically. Screen lock for Android is not equal to encryption. To enable encryption, you have to choose the option to encrypt all data on the phone or SD card by going to security in settings. This work can take from 30 minutes to a few hours. If you encrypt your SD card on one device, then the other device will not be able to access it. This is a very good and secure way.

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