Good Use Of Budget Tablet


With the help of a tablet, you can make life a lot easier. If you have a budget tablet then you do not have to worry about its limited performance. Rather than keeping it in any corner of the house, you can use it for various purposes.

(1.) Car Navigation :- Very useful for viewing the tablet’s large screen maps and direction. To fix the tablet in your car, you can take a car mount (starting at a price of $6.21) and a car charger (starting from a price of $6.21). You can try Google Maps for the app. It supports Turn By Turn Navigation. You can download offline maps for an area so that internet connectivity is not needed. Keep in mind that whenever you leave the car, take the tablet together, otherwise it can be harmed by the sun or it can be stolen. If you wish, Mapmeindia’s “Map: Directions and Local Search” app can also be used.

(2.) Security Camera :- Usually the tablet’s camera is not of good quality and is not ideal for clicking pictures. But this camera is equal to the quality of the basic security camera. By using free web apps like IP webcams, you can set your tablet to desk or tables and use it as a remote security camera. The stream can be seen in any browser. You can also set it to upload itself to cloud storage. If you want advanced features such as motion detection, you can invest in the paid version of the app.

(3.) Wi-Fi Router :- If you have a 4G support tablet then you can consider making it a Wi-Fi router. If your tablet has 4G data capability, then connect it to power, install a data SIM in it and enable Wi-Fi hotspot. This way, you can get the convenience of personal Wi-Fi for yourself anywhere without spending your main device’s battery. All Android tablets come with personal hotspot creative capability. For this, you have to go into settings in more and go to Tethering and personal hotspot. You can set a name for your network. You must set a password for it so that no unfamiliar person can use your data network. This method really proves to be a lot of work for you.

(4.) Digital Photo Frame :- Using a desk stand, you can use your old tablet as a digital photo frame. It is great looking at it. The default gallery app does not offer auto-cycling of existing photos. In this case, you will have to take apps like Google Photos or Digital Photo Frame Slideshow to work. Both apps show your on-device photos as a customizable slideshow. If you are looking for a good app in content then the day frame app can be used. It connects the photos present in your device with several services such as the Instagram and shows them as slideshows. It’s really nice to make a tablet with a digital photo frame.

(5.) Personal Planner :- Instead of writing a pen on paper, you can use the tablet and make it a digital planner. Can install calendar apps with great features such as SolCalendar, Cal or Calendar + (plus). This allows you to show other calendars, apps and weather season synced with the mail, holiday and appointments.

(7.) Book Reader :- For book lovers, Kindle offers a free app that can work with Kindle accounts for books. Apart from this, a lot of free apps are available such as Google Play Books, Aldiko, Moon Plus Reader etc. They change the big screen of your tablet into an e-book reader. Most of these apps support common e-book formats and offer options to adjust text size, fonts, colors and brightness. Apps remember your reading position and help you get started from there, where you ended up.

(8.) Music Player :- Most tablets have at least 8 GB of storage space. There are thousands of songs in this space. With the help of streaming services such as Google Play Music, Gaana, Saavn, Wynk etc., you can reach millions of songs at any time. These services allow subscriptions to be downloaded offline. By default, the tablet speakers are not as fast as the bedside player. So you should invest in a Bluetooth speaker. Pair the tablet with speakers and your digital music player is ready.

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