Are You Going To Buy A New Laptop?


There have been many changes in laptop design, hardware and features. When Buying a New Laptop Think of Specific Things –

(1.) Form Factor :- Now the days went when only a standard Hing open design option was available in the laptop. Now you can find multiple form factors in laptops at different prices. You can take a laptop with a removable display. This means that the screen can be separated from the keyboard base and can be used as a tablet. The second famous design is 360 degree rotating laptop. It can work by keeping it in different modes of requirement. Classic designs can still take place, but before buying it, consider other options.

(2.) End Port :- There was a time when there was a standalone port to connect every function and every device. Now laptops are becoming more compact, so the numbers and types of ports are also being changed. Entry level and mid-range laptops now have HDMI, Ethernet, multi-card reader and combined audio and microphone jack with USB 3.0 ports. Now the latest USB Type-C port is coming in mid-range and premium notebooks. It works as ‘One Size Fit All’ for power, device connecting and display output.

(3.) Touchscreen Or Not :- Now many laptops with touchscreen have come into the market. Windows 10 is optimized for touchscreen use. Navigate faster than this, and can easily read long documents and webpages. These laptops can also play many games using multi-touch. However, the cost of touchscreen laptops is lower compared to laptop specifications without touchscreen and features.

(4.) With Or Without Operating System :- If you are buying laptops worth more than Rs 50,000 then you will get preloaded Windows OS. The laptops with less than this range get the option of preloaded OS or without OS. There is a clear difference between price between these two types of laptops. If you take laptops without preloaded OS, install the free Linux OS on your laptop.

(5.) Thin And Light :- Buying a laptop is good because you can carry it easily. However, the weight of old laptops was more than 2.5 kg. Now laptops are thin and light coming. Most of these laptops are weighing less than 2.0 kg with a dedicated graphics card. Most brands have 13.3 inch or 14 inch laptop models offering. It weighs less than 2 kg.

(6.) The Right Storage :- Now 500 GB hard drives are also coming in Basic laptops. This is enough for most basic and mid-level users. In it you can store documents as well as music and movies. But if you do photography and want to store all your photos and videos on a laptop then you should use at least 1 TB of storage. Now most users seem to be getting less than 500 GB of storage. As the data continues to grow, the problems of storage have also started to come. Therefore the portable USB hard drive should buy.

(7.) Screen Size :- Most laptops present in the market are coming in the 15.6 inch screen size. However, the larger screen size means that your laptop will be heavy. 12 or 13.3-inch screen ideal for users who travel a lot. There is a good balance of 14-inch screen portability and screen estate. If you are buying laptops for gaming or photo-video editing, then buy a laptop with a 17.3-inch screen.

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