Can Easily Track Data Usage


Many times the data on mobile phones and computers is spent very fast. You can track data usage if you want.

(1.) Mobile Device : Now mobile operating systems can track data usages. The settings of Android and iOS devices have the option of Data Usage Monitor. The Windows Phone 8.1 comes with an app called Data Sense. It monitors and controls data usage. BlackBerry 10’s built-in device monitor can tell which app or service is using more data. The advantage of this monitoring is that you can stop unwanted data usages.

(a) My Data Manager :- This is a very useful app for iOS and Android Devices. It displays data counters for the Career’s Data Network (2G/3G) and your Wi-Fi data usage. This allows the data to set for a transfer limit. It tells you how much data is left. You can see historical data and set up a data plan.

(b) Onavo Count :- This app is free for iOS and Android. In this you have to give data plan input. It has to be told about the data transfer cap and the cost of your plan. This app can easily find out which apps are spending more data and it gives you notifications.

(c) Counters :- Counters for Windows Phone are quite useful. It can properly manage the data usage of Windows Phone. Once the Data Limit is set, this app sends notifications before the limit is completed. This app also provides information about voice calls and SMS usages.

(d) Data Monitor :- This app is designed for BlackBerry 10. This app runs in the background and detects how much of your data is being used. It tells you what percentage of data expenditure you have spent on ‘Data Limit’. It is special that this app starts automatically when the phone starts.

(2.) Computer :- When you go to your network details in Windows, you get basic information about data traffic. This information is linked to the current session. To track data usage completely on a computer, you need third party software. There are many applications available for Mac and Windows, with the help of which you can easily monitor your data usage. Having information on data usage will help you to properly use the data.

(a) Surplus Meter :- This application is designed for Mac. It allows to set up connection types (Ethernet, Airport, USB, Modem) and download limit. You can take out the uploads from the transfer count. When you start it, you see an active count of Sent and Received data. You can also get daily data usage.

(b) Networx :- This software is useful if multiple computers are running from a broadband connection at home. It is set in the system tray and monitors real time traffic. The total data usage can be seen in daily, weekly and monthly formats. If you want this report you can easily export it to excel.

(c) BitMeter OS :- This software allows you to monitor data usage using a web browser or command line tool. You can see the reports of usages, export it to excel. Notification is also sent when the data usage limit is crossed. It can also work with Mac and Linux.

(d) Menu Meters :- This software is designed for Mac users. It gives information about the data transfer of the current connection. View data usage as graphs or numbers. It can ignore the data transfer of 1 kb/s. It can be set to show incoming-outgoing data transfers.

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