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If you want to make some improvements in your home design, you can take the help of technology. There are many free tools available for your tablet or computer, with the help of which your work can be a lot easier. Many times it is very difficult to improve home design. You can take the help of architect and interior designer, but you can not find the information that how the house will look like at the end. There are many types of questions in your mind, like what color will be best for walls, what kind of furniture will fit for the existing place, and which wall can be removed and space made. If you get to see his virtual look before any change, then it will help you make a decision and save both your time and money.

(1.) MagicPlan :- If you need a floor plan for the map of your room, then you can get help from the Magic Plan app. It works on iOS. It measures the distance from one point to the other with the help of a gyroscope and camera of your iOS device and takes photos. Based on these photographs, this ‘floor plan’ prepares. Save it as a PDF file. It can be placed in the form of AutoCAD design format, HTML or image and can make changes based on this design.

(2.) Google Sketchup :- This is free Google software. It’s for Windows and Mac OS X. This can create 3D models. You can prepare layouts from scratch or download layout models from SketchUp 3D Warehouse. 3D Warehouse is constantly updated with new models of things like Bildigs and furniture. In this, the help of other users and online sharing is taken. Its paid version is also ‘Sketchup Pro’. It has features such as Advanced Detailing, High Resolution Output.

(3.) Home Decorator :- This is a free iOS app. With its help you can see how different colors on your existing walls are visible. For this you have to pick a photograph of the room from the app and choose your favorite color. You can alternatively change the color of the wall to see which color is looking better. This app separates furniture, lights and other things by itself.

(4.) Share Design :- On the floor planer you can prepare a project with three floor level. At the beginning the interface shows you 2D layout. Furniture and other things can be stored in it. Things can also be removed using drag and drop in it. After this you can choose 3D layout. Once you have completed the work, you can also make it PDF and keep it. This is very useful for those interested in interior designing. Its website is –

(5.) House Interior Design Ideas :- ‘House Interior Design Ideas’ app adopts a different method for designing. It presents a much more beautiful interior image on your iOS device. You can view the photos as a style, room and type of product. You can also look at the designs of the world’s famous professional architects and share them on social networking websites.

(6.) Design Dimensions :- This is a free Android app for designing. There is a list of common items used in home or office. It includes many things like chair, speaker, microwaves, refrigerators. You can arrange them according to your convenience. It shows 3D illustration of each item with average dimension. In this way you can easily find out whether the new furniture can be kept in the house.

(7.) Prepare Layout :- Here you can prepare home layout. You can choose the existing layout from the wizard. It has 2D layouts, which can later be converted to 3D. The 3D layout is formed in small windows with your work. When the furniture and decorative items are added from the extensive collection of the website, the 3D layout changes in the same way.

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