You Can Also Recognize Fake Products


Nowadays there are many fake products that are similar to branded companies in the market. Most people do not differentiate between real and fake products. If you want to avoid buying fake products then you have to take care of certain things. Let us know about such special things that you can reach the right products.

(1.) Unrealistic Discount :- If you buy anything and get unrealistic discount in it, then be careful. You should take special care of this especially in online shopping. It should be aware that how much discount is usually given on branded or luxury items. If you think that the offer is unrealistic, that means that 80% discount is being given on MRP, so be sure to buy fake products.

(2.) Missing Accessories :- Whenever you go to the market to buy a product, please check that all the accessories and supplementary parts mentioned in the packaging of the product box are present or not. If the instruction manual, warranty card, wires, plugs and other items are missing, then immediately return the product to the retailer. The best way to do this is to check the box correctly in the store before purchasing it. If you shop online, then record the video while opening the box at the time of delivery. This will not be a problem later.

(3.) Unauthorized Center :- It is a good idea to buy electronics items, appliances, gadgets and branded wears (authorized retailers) from a licensed vendor or a real brand outlet. If you are getting excessive discounts on elsewhere then go online and check the store address. You should also check out its contact details. Many companies try to sell their counterfeit products through unauthorized centers. You should avoid them. You should buy the same product whose authorized centers are available on the Internet or on the website.

(4.) Poor Packing :- Good brands and businesses throughout the world take full advantage of packaging of their products and spend a lot of money on packaging. If the item is not packed correctly or does not fit properly in box or bad standard luggage is being used like cheap plastic or cheap cardboard then it is a fake product. Similarly, if you have got a product without packaging, it may be a fake product. You must pay attention to packaging before you open the product.

(5.) Error Of Grammar And Quantities :- Many companies making fake products make a mistake in grammar or quantity in the name of their product. Such a big brand name can be used to copy. The company making such a fake product tries to protect itself from the law. Companies also do this to cheat customers. They think that the customer can be deceived by a similar name. Earlier, there was not so much awareness among the customers, but now the customer recognizes every brand name and can immediately find out where the fault has occurred. You should avoid shopping in haste.

(6.) Mismatched And Missed Printing :- Good companies write some features, such as codes, serial or model numbers, trademarks, and patent information on packaging of their products. Usually, counterfeit products do not write such information. They just copy half-incomplete information. If you wish, you can cross check with numbers from real products online. You can apply it especially to electronic items or appliance. Here you are more likely to make a mistake. It is very important to avoid mismatched and missed printing.

(7.) Wrong Logo :- It is easy to catch duplicate logo, brand name and trademarks just like spelling. If you look carefully at the product then you can catch mistakes. If you know the true product’s font and logo well then you can easily catch small differences. If you feel that it is difficult for you to do it, then take a photo of the product that appears to be fake and compare it with real product in the online world. The font will be different. The colors can also be different in the packaging of counterfeit products. These companies change the printed text according to their own.

(8.) Bad Quality :- The quality of the duplicate product is usually quite poor. If you have used real content then you can recognize fake product at a time. In the fake product, bad alternatives are used instead of the real product. Its material can contain spoiled plastic, leather, cheap glass, poor quality cloth, and old or used parts of electronic appliances. The shape of its container can also be slightly different. If you can use the product then know whether it is of good quality or not.

(9) Contact Details :- Most companies put their full address, email, phone number or contact details on packaging. If all these information is not present on your product then you need to be careful. This means that you can not complain about your product. It is only right to stay away from such products. If there are contact details on the product then you should verify by visiting the website or by calling the mentioned numbers. This can give you information about the reality of the company’s product. If you are shopping online then go to the product’s website to avoid duplicate products.

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